Welcome to Xstract's information page for XODB

What is XODB?

Xstract Open Data Base (XODB) started out life as an initiative by Xstract to create a standard, open source way of storing and exchanging mining related data. Independent of any one vendor, XODB sought to bridge the gap between mining software systems.  By using the latest methods of storing and relating data, modern software platforms and current insights into Big Data and Enterprise Systems, Xstract ensured that XODB was built from the ground up to meet the challenges of today's and tomorrow's data needs.

XODB has grown into a fully fledged mining data platform, with supporting applications available from a variety of vendors.

Ultimately Xstract supports better quality of information in the industry - our core value proposition relies on good information to help with analysis and decision making, so it’s in Xstract’s interest to help the industry mature.

How can I get XODB?
Download an archived version (October 2013) of XODB here: XODB Windows Client

Future of XODB.
Since January 2014, the XODB initiative has been taken forward under a new name and new branding of Naked Enterprise .  For the absolute latest version of this tool, please visit Naked Enterprise and download the software.